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About You

Let’s be honest it really isn’t about us it’s about you.

We want to learn all about you, what pains you at the moment when it comes to your business and how we can take away or ease that pain.

That’s why it isn’t about how clever we are, how we have been in business for decades, how many certificates we have on the wall, that’s just boring and it really isn’t the reason you have been looking at our website.

You haven’t come looking to see how we can produce financial statements, how we can do the payroll or fill in a Tax Return.

What you are here for is to know how you can spend more time with the family and less time on the business, how you can make more money and better business decisions, how you can pay your staff without having to worry about all the nonsense of payslips and how you can keep HMRC happy without any hassle.  

Contact us and together let’s get set on the path to a less stressful business life without it costing you an arm and a leg.


Oh, and if you really want to know about us here’s the boring stuff…

About Us

We provide affordable and most importantly honest, Digital and Traditional Accountancy services to Individuals, Self Employed, Partnerships and Limited Companies.

Est 1961

Based in Bournemouth but with clients across the UK and beyond, we have been providing Accountancy, Taxation services and advice since 1961. First my Father and now just me we are a small family run business that prides itself in being genuine, honest and approachable.

How are we different ?

For a start we don’t charge by the hour, that’s just unfair.

What we do is give you a FIXED PRICE, payable monthly based upon your unique circumstances and what you want. That way you can budget and plan. You know with certainty what it is going to cost.

We know there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution and that every business is different. Your business is unique so we don’t pluck a fixed price off the shelf, that’s unfair too.

So what we do is run through the services we recommend for your business so you can choose the ones that best meet your needs so you get exactly what you want.

It’s a refreshingly simple idea that takes the mystery out of professional fees and puts you, the client firmly in control !

If you want to know more click the Pricing tab on the menu.


Why not get in touch ?

We look forward to working with you.

Balloon Accounting are Certified Practising Accountants

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