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Balloon Accounting is a new business member of Buy1Give1 (B1G1)

Here at Balloon Accounting, we recognise how fortunate we are to live in a part of the world that enjoys peace, prosperity, and a wealth of opportunity. We also believe that businesses should serve a social purpose.

If Covid 19 has told us anything it’s that we are all linked across the world. What affects us here affects others globally so we must change the way we do things.

There are so many people who are unable to access good healthcare, clean drinking water, ample food, or a decent education for their children. We are helping to change that by making charitable giving a habitual part of our business practice.

This means that as our business grows, so does our charitable contribution… and you can be part of it.

Why do we give ?

We are committed to improving the lives of others by sharing the fruits of our success.

By becoming a new client of ours or using a core service, you help contribute to our Giving Impact.

How do we give ?

We carefully select our projects via B1G1 and embed giving into our business practice. All B1G1’s projects are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set by global leaders, and 100% of our donation goes straight to the projects we choose.

How will we do it ?

In the Spring of 2020, we launched our first Giving Stories – three B1G1 projects linked to our core business activity.

  • When we sign up a new client, we give a day of educational support to a disadvantaged child.
  • When we file your Tax Return we give a school meal to a child in India.
  • When you help your family by planning for your future with our Financial Wellbeing Service you help others as we provide medical support to a sick child.

So it really is that simple, as you use our services and our business grows, so we share that success with others less fortunate. And your business could do that also.

Click on the brochure to find out more.

You can track our progress using the counters below, or visit our B1G1 Company Profile page to find out more about our Giving Impact and view our favourite projects.






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