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Community Interest Companies, Charity

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Community Interest Companies and Charities

Running your community enterprise business or charity is not easy…

Running any business isn’t easy, no more so when you have a drive and determination to help others.

There’s the passion to ensure the best outcomes for those you come into contact with that needs to be balanced with the demands of local authorities or donors before you even get a chance to think about business records and profits.

Working with those in these sectors we found the common themes were:

– Quoting competitively and securing the work

– Getting the work done to meet expected standards and ensure it’s at a cost so you can make a profit

– Meeting the requirements of charities commission or the local authority or perhaps those that have gifted or donated grants or other monies

– Managing your cashflow, especially during the leaner times

– Doing the bookkeeping to maintain the accurate financial records for the taxman

– Getting YOUR time back to focus on your passion for the work you do best

I can help you with all this, help guide you, help you build your business.

Supporting those that support others is what I do.

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