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Budget 2021

Budget 2021 So today (3rd March 2021) the Chancellor has released his 2021 budget. Here are the details as announced so far with more to come over the next few days. If you prefer your updates by video click the play button below. The Furlough Scheme He has announced that the Job Retention Scheme, otherwise…
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The difference between Profit and Cash

What’s the Difference between Cash and Profit and Can a Business Be Profitable But Still Run Out of Cash? So, you want to know how a company can be profitable but still run out of cash? This article courtesy of Brixx is a terrific place to start. Part of the answer is that profit is…
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Own your own Company ? – Don’t take an illegal dividend

Illegal Dividends As a Director / shareholder of your own Limited Company you will have heard a lot about how tax efficient it can be to combine a salary with dividends to form your income. When you make a dividend payment however you need to ensure that you’ve sufficient funds available to do so. Otherwise…
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