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5 Common Bookkeeping Pitfalls — and How to Avoid Them

Although most entrepreneurs recognise the importance of careful financial management, few want to spend their time dealing with numbers. Unfortunately, not keeping a close eye on your income and expenses can be very costly for a business. Here are five of the most common bookkeeping pitfalls, and some simple tips for getting back on track.…
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Efficient business systems really pay off

Too many businesses fall over because the owner has not established efficient business systems. This typically happens because the business owner is so caught up in the day-to day running of the business that the fundamentals of good business management get forgotten. Often too it must be said that the owner simply doesn’t like bookkeeping…
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Company Tax Tip – Buying an Electric Car

Having a company car used to be seen as a considerable perk. But in recent years it’s become less clear whether having a conventionally powered company car as part of your income mix is a good idea – both from a tax perspective and from a sustainability angle. The good news is that electric vehicles…
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