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You’re a business in the care arena – Why you need a specialist accountant in your corner

Your a business in the care sector, perhaps you run a foster care agency, child nursery, care home or any other business in the care sector. Why is it important to have an accountant who understands your sector in your corner ? Here at Balloon Accounting I specialise in helping businesses just like yours. I’m…
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Andrew Downs

Why I can’t work with everyone

As a sole accountant specialising in the care industry, businesses such as child nurseries, foster care agencies and foster carers, care homes, alternative education provision, health and wellbeing etc, my capacity to take on new clients is naturally limited, especially when your business may be in a sector outside of these. My commitment to delivering…
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Why local may be better than remote

As a business owner, choosing the right accountant is an important decision. While there are many remote accountants available to work with you, there are also many benefits to working with a local accountant. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the key benefits of working with a local accountant and how it can…
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Don’t neglect your Balance Sheet

Business owners tend to focus on increasing profit and driving down costs. While this is important, don’t neglect your Balance Sheet. Profitable businesses can and do go broke; your Balance Sheet is a key indicator of how solvent your business is. Here are four key areas of your Balance Sheet to focus on: 1. Profitability.…
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