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Business Services

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Business Services

Business Advisory or Helping our Clients Do Better !

Does any of this seem familiar……….

Are you working too hard ?

Not being paid what you’re worth ?

Not making enough money ?

Your profits are being squeezed ?

Not enough free time ?

Maybe it is time to look at how small changes to the way you operate your business, price and market your products and services. How a tailored approach to can provide big differences to your bottom line profits and how these improvements can start to give you your life back.

Why not download our Brochure regarding our business advisory services.

Company Secretarial

Our company secretarial service provides the following services:

Our support services include maintenance of the company’s registers electronically and assistance with its annual filings.

Incorporations – we provide standard or bespoke incorporations for private companies.

Bespoke company secretarial support – we assist companies and their company secretaries with specific events or packages of work which require our expertise or additional support to meet deadlines.

  • Drafting board and members’ minutes and resolutions.
  • Drafting amendments to articles of association.
  • Assisting with the appointment and removal of officers.
  • Adjusting share capital and preparing documents for share issues and transfers.
  • Assisting with applications for administrative restorations.
  • Changes of company names.

Business Plans and Cash Flow Forecasting

In this climate of uncertainty many banks and other financial institutions like to see professional business plans setting out the full facts before a lending proposition can be considered.

A business plan will highlight any weaknesses that may occur and can often mean the difference between a business growing or actually failing.

The business plan details the envisaged financial performance including cash flows and projected profit and loss accounts and balance sheets. The plan can cover a few months, 1, 3 to 5 years business operations. The report outlines your objectives, your strategies, your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and your understanding of the market place you operate within. It will demonstrate what funding is required and whether you have the financial clout to see it through. Profits can look great but overtrading may cause cash starvation and be unworkable.

You need to provide us with much information but worry not, we will ask you the necessary questions for data extraction. We take the time to listen to you, we will analyze past financial achievements and absorb your future expectations, we also use our data bases for implementing key statistical information.

Finance for Business

Whether you are a sole trader or the managing director of a large company, you may find at some stage you will need corporate finance advice. You may need access to actual finance and we have bespoke portal access that can offer you different lending facilities away from the traditional High Street Bank.

Business Start-Up and Business Advice

Whether you are an established business or just starting out at some stage you are probably going to need some advice. We’re here to help with guidance at any stage whether it is how to establish or change your business structure, whether you should make that capital purchase, taking on employees or registering for VAT.

Incorporation Services

Whether you should continue to trade as a sole trader or switch to a Limited Company is a question many people ask themselves. We have a bespoke service that considers the factors around this decision and provides the solution and all the help you would need. Why not download a copy of our Brochure regarding this important decision. 

Employment Advice

We have access to specialist employment advice from workers contracts to holiday allowances to redundancy and everything in between. Whatever your needs we can support you.

Expense Management

Most corporate businesses need to pay expenses and manually maintaining records can be very time-consuming. can provide you with expense management facilities that can link to your cloud accounting records if required.

Tax Investigation Service

HMRC is taking swifter legal action against those who don’t come forward and sort out their taxes. There has been a huge increase in inquiries into Sole Traders and Small Businesses in particular. These investigations involve additional work and more accountancy fees. This service offers freedom from paying the additional fees by subscribing to the service.