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Business Services

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Business Services

How we help you do better and grow your business

A Business Planning and coaching session will require you to take time out from day to day activities IN the business to focus ON the business.

Whether we are undertaking an Annual Accounts Review,  Cashflow & Profit Improvement or business planning meeting Meeting we will guarantee the value you will receive.

A few of the areas where we can help

This is a short guide to just a few of the areas we can support you.


Our Business Development Business Planning is a great starting point.
An effective business planning process gets to the heart and soul of your business and our plam is concise ( no more than 2 pages) and helps keep you accountable to your goals.


A cashflow forecast involves predicting the future flow of cash into and out of a business bank account.

A cash flow forecast will usually be for a 12-month period. 


Whether you are a sole trader or the managing director of a large company, you may find at some stage you will need corporate finance advice.

You may need access to actual finance and we have bespoke portal access that can offer you different lending facilities away from the traditional High Street Bank.


Our company secretarial service includes maintenance of the company’s registers electronically and assistance with its annual filings.

Alongside this we can support with changes to Directors, Shareholders, share purchases and  – we assist reorganisations etc.


Most corporate businesses need to pay expenses and manually maintaining records can be very time-consuming.

We can provide you with expense management facilities that can link to your cloud accounting records if required.


Whether you should continue to trade as a sole trader or switch to a Limited Company is a question many people ask themselves.

We have a bespoke service that considers the factors around this decision and provides the solution and all the help you would need.


When you’re just starting out you are probably going to need some advice.

We’re here to help with guidance at any stage whether it is how to establish or change your business structure, whether you should make that capital purchase, taking on employees or registering for VAT.


HMRC is taking swifter legal action against those who don’t come forward and sort out their taxes.

These investigations involve additional work and more accountancy fees.

This service offers freedom from paying the additional fees by subscribing to the service.