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Recently Balloon Accounting became one of the first Accountants in Bournemouth to publicly commit to making our world a better place, by joining the worldwide Business Giving Movement, b1g1.com.

It means that we are now able to link many of the activities in the business to making something great happen in our world.

We can now match our activities to over 500 high-impact projects. So, for example, every time we send file a Tax Return, a child in need will get a school meal, life saving nutrition. Every time we take on a new client, a disadvantaged child in India gets a whole day’s education. And whenever we complete our Financial Wellbeing service we give one day of medical support to an ill child.

And we’re really excited about helping our customers and contacts to do the same things too, so that together we make an even bigger difference together. What’s really important about this initiative as well is that it allows us and our clients to link directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals — 17 targets that mankind must collectively achieve by 2030.

There is now a real groundswell of Conscious Businesses around the world that are part of the B1G1 movement. And we at Balloon Accounting plan to create many more too. It really is the way forward for business.

B1G1 Chairman, Paul Dunn, commented:
“We are really thrilled to have Balloon Accounting joining the global initiative. Already we’ve gone past 200 Million giving impacts around the world. And adding Balloon Accounting is going to help us get to our 1 Billion impact goal faster. What’s really great about this is how Balloon Accounting will be involving the entire community. Their customers will get a new sense of purpose and connection, helping them differentiate themselves in their markets as well. Balloon Accounting is setting a superb example of what it means to become a Business for Good.”

For more information about the impact Balloon Accounting is making or to make your business a Business for Good take a look HERE.

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