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Welcome To Balloon Price Consulting

Unlocking the power of pricing to increase your business profits

Does any of this seem familiar ?

  • Downward pressure on your price…your customers keep complaining over price
  • You’re working too hard for too little money
  • Your competitors keep lowering their prices
  • Your profit margins are being constantly squeezed
  • Your customers don’t pay you on time
  • You’re constantly short of cash
  • You’re spending too little time with your family doing things you want to
  • You’re not making enough money

If so, you’re not alone and many businesses feel exactly like you do.

Without understanding the numbers many business owners don’t have a pricing strategy and end up competing with their competitors on price alone with no real differentiation in the market.

So how can we help ?

We are the numbers experts. We work with numbers every day. And one of the key numbers in any business that they specialise in is the price number.

Using our skills with numbers we will help you analyse your business model, understand different price points and identify a pricing strategy that will maximise your profits. Some of the things we do include:

  • Identifying a price strategy that will enable your business to grow more profitably,
  • Establishing price points that will yield greater profit,
  • Show you how presenting your price in a different way can increase sales,
  • Show you how different ways of getting paid can help with your cashflow, and
  • How to make your price look smaller than it is using the power of price psychology.

The bottom line is, you will make more sales and at higher prices, your profit will grow and you will have more cash in the bank.

A great place to start is to download our FREE eBook “Power Pricing”.

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