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Why I can’t work with everyone

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Andrew Downs

As a sole accountant specialising in the care industry, businesses such as child nurseries, foster care agencies and foster carers, care homes, alternative education provision, health and wellbeing etc, my capacity to take on new clients is naturally limited, especially when your business may be in a sector outside of these.

My commitment to delivering quality service means I can’t work with everyone. Here’s why and what types of businesses I might not work with.

Limited Capacity, Maximum Quality

As a single professional, my time and resources are finite. I focus on fostering strong, detailed-oriented relationships with each client. This depth of service ensures that each business gets the comprehensive care and attention it deserves, which just isn’t possible if I overextend myself.

Specialisation in the Care Industry

My passion and expertise lie in aiding businesses within the care sector.

This specialisation allows me to provide tailored advice and services that truly benefit these organisations. However, it also means I might not engage with businesses outside this realm.

Choosing Not to Work With Certain Businesses

There are also specific types of businesses I choose not to work with. This decision is based on various factors including:

  1. Business Ethics and Practices: I prioritise working with organisations that value integrity and quality care as much as I do. If a business’s practices or ethics don’t align with these values, it’s unlikely we’ll work well together.
  2. Mismatched Expectations: Sometimes, what a business expects from an accountant might not align with the services I offer. In such cases, it’s better for both parties to find a more suitable match.
  3. Resource Intensiveness: Some businesses might require resources or expertise beyond what I can provide as a sole practitioner. Recognising these limitations ensures I don’t compromise the quality of my service.

My goal is to provide the best possible service to each of my clients.

This focus means being selective about who I work with, ensuring that I can always deliver the quality, specialised care and attention that my clients need.

By understanding and respecting these limitations, I aim to maintain the high standard of service and personalised care that defines my practice.

Thank you for your understanding.