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Balloon Accounting Client Survey – the results are in

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Balloon Accounting Client Survey – the results are in

Recently we undertook our first ever survey about our services and prices and thank you to everyone that took the time to complete it.

We asked 9 questions and a final one to collect data from those that responded and it has really helped us see the wood for the trees and help us shape our pathway.

As promised here are the results, warts and all.

Q1. Are you satisfied of dissatisfied with the service you receive from Balloon Accounting ?

Q2. What services do you currently use ?

Q3. What do you think about the level of our fees ?

Q4. What do you think Balloon Accounting are here for ?

Q5.Have you ever referred another person or business owner to Balloon Accounting ?And are you happy to provide us with a testimonial ?

Q6.What are the 3 most important things to you when it comes to the service we offer ? (Choose 3 only)

Q7.If you are in business as a Limited Company, self employed or partnership, which of these additional services might be of interest to you ?

Q8.What are the top 3 things do you look for in an Accountant ?

Q9.If there was one thing you could change working with Balloon Accounting what would it be ? (Please be honest and candid)

This final question sought comments and we had many with the response N/A but here are a selection of those we received:

“None it’s all good to me but then i run a small business so Balloon Accounting provides everything i need”

 “Currently I honestly can’t think of anything.”

“Not much, happy as things are.”

“I’m very happy with Balloon Services and can’t think of anything”

“nothing, youre very versatile”

“At present everything working for me.”

“I like it how it is.”

“I can’t think of anything that I would change”

“Having to pay monthly rather than one off fee”

“No changes I can think of”

To summarise, we were delighted with the results and much of it will help us shape our practice going forward.

Thanks again, Andy Downs, ICPA