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In the beginning it was just my dad building an accountancy business

A bit about us.

Back in the early 60’s my Dad started his accountancy firm from nothing. Holding down a full time job in a Solicitors for over 25 years he built it in the evenings, at the weekends and whenever he could squeeze in the time.

He was quite a remarkable man with a dedicated work ethic who worked tirelesly for his clients and his family.

Eventually he found the income and courage to go it aone and went full time as an accountant helping many a varied business to meet their tax obligations to HMRC.

In the late 80’s I joined him (yes, I’m the younger one who looks like he’s come to work as a lumberjack) and we rebranded to the imaginatively named “A Downs & Son” and moved into our own office.

These were heady days just as the old tax system was coming to an end.

Around the mid 90’s when self assessment was introduced my father decided that the new self assessment system was one new trick too many and sold me the business to enjoy his retirement. 

I continued to build the practice from mainly self employed clients, into the corporate arena and business development support. 

An accounting practice is first and foremost a business so you see, I too know what it takes to build a business.

The practice went from strength to strength and after a short hiatus in accounting I rebranded again to Independent Taxation and Web Services before more recently becoming Balloon Accounting.

We’ve grown in size and I’ve been joined by Vaibhav but however big we get and whatever we call ourselves our values remain the same.

To deliver outstanding service to our clients and help you build your business.

Our clients are typically:

– an ambitious startup, moving through the gears or a mature business starting to think about exit or a management buyout.

– £85,000+ turnover, and typcally paying a minimum of £150 a month for our services.

Does this sound like you ? Do you want to have a profitable business which allows you the time to do what you love?

Do you want to use new technology to take the grind out of your financial admin?

If the answer is YES, then click the button below and book a 15 minute discovery call to see if we would be a good fit for each other.

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