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Month: June 2022

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Image of hands holding documents

The importance of documenting processes and systems

Do you know everything that important about your business ? Would it surprise you to know that this is not ideal ? Many entrepreneurs and business owners operate with their business processes and systems in their heads. They know what they need to do each day and the way they want to get things done.…
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Image of a plant growing inside a lightbulb

10 more quick growth tips for small business owners

Every business can benefit from a few tips and theres plenty that can be done such as growing your business through collaboration, expansion, improved marketing and some of the following quick tips. How about these as a few examples: 1. Improve your customer service Businesses with good customer service retain consumers and attract new business…
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Image of car dashboard dials

Grow your numbers – Activities and KPIs

What on earth is a KPI and why are KPIs important to your business? A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a result that can be used to measure the effectiveness of different activities in your business. Put another way, if you want to define what success looks like from your business activities, employees, or projects,…
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Image of colourful cogs

Understanding your revenue drivers

For your business to make money, you need to generate revenue. You produce revenue through your usual business activity, by making sales, getting your invoices paid, or taking cash from paying customers. So, the better you are at selling your products/services and bringing money into the business, the higher your revenue levels will be. But…
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Image of a Directors Clapperboard

Writing off an outstanding directors’ loan

Being able to borrow money from your business is one of the perks of being a company director. But many owners/directors will be coming out of the Covid pandemic with overdrawn directors’ loan accounts (DLAs) – and without the capital to easily repay these DLAs. So, if you’re an owner/director in this predicament, what do…
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7 tips for combatting employee burnout

The working environment of the past 2 years has brought the concept of burnout to the forefront. Unexpected work-from-home situations, juggling the new normal, and mental fatigue have all contributed to the issue. Recognizing employee burnout and having a plan to address it will ensure you retain employees and keep your company healthy. 1. Ensure…
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Image of a blue book

Tips for updating your business plan

Think of your business plan as a roadmap designed to point the way to your current destination, knowing that where you land may not be your ultimate end point. After all, things are constantly changing in a healthy, thriving business. Market fluctuations, new competitors, changes in staffing or your sales figures may nudge you in…
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